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Dani the Cicada Spirit features real, copper plated, cicada wings that have been forever preserved beneath layers of copper. With a bright, flashy, Rainbow Moonstone body, she was created with the intentions to assist her wearer in their journey of internal growth.
Moonstone is known to provide inspiration and strengthens one's intuitions while alleviating stressful energies.
Dani hangs on a 18 inch, copper chain

Keep in mind:
This piece is plated in copper. It has been coated with a sealant to help preserve the finish of the piece. In time, the piece will undergo natural oxidation. This is normal and is how the piece ages naturally. Please keep this in mind if you decide to adopt this piece. All pendants come with a 20 inch, nickel free, copper chain unless stated otherwise. If you have a different chain length preference, please contact me through email, Instagram or leaving a comment at checkout.

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